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Aircraft Systems

Today, the Cessna 172 stands as the most popular airplane ever, with around 43,000 produced, according to Cessna’s numbers, including variants. Cessna became the craft of choice for many flight schools. In this course, we will cover all aircraft systems with a focus on a Cessna 172. As a pilot, you must become familiar with how the airplane systems work and react to a system abnormality.

aircraft systems

Course Objective

  • Understand how the airplane systems function, control inputs, and the effects each will have on the airplane will result in a much more proficient pilot.
  • Learn the internal components that will allow for better troubleshooting and problem identification.
  • Identify The main systems found on the Cessna 172. This includes the primary flight controls and trim, flaps, powerplant, propeller, landing gear, fuel, oil and hydraulic systems, electrical and avionics systems.