Instrument Rating Path

One of the best parts of becoming an Instrument Pilot is the availability to fly inside the clouds. The feeling is beyond description, but a pilot can even attempt to do this only if he/she masters the understanding of flight instruments, departure procedures, arrivals, and instruments approaches. The instrument flying’s fundamental has not changed since the first instrument flight back on September 24th, 1929, by Lieutenant James H. Doolittle. After a blind takeoff, the flight lasted 15 minutes and included two 180° turns. Doolittle navigated on the beam for part of the exercise before setting up for the approach, then successfully made a blind landing. In this course, we will help you to understand the fundamentals of instrument flying. The same fundamentals that allowed Lieutenant Doolittle to complete the first blind flight in history. We will also guide you in obtaining your instrument rating by explaining the IFR system from departures procedures, arrivals, and instrument approach procedures.

Lieutenant James H. Doolittle