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RNAV (Area Navigation )

Aviation is currently in a transition from ground-based navigation equipment to Global Navigation Satellite System. Nowadays, it is hard to find an airplane that doesn’t include a fully equipped GPS as part of the avionics. Instrument-rated pilots must master the GPS while performing an RNAV approach and be thoroughly familiar with all the elements in the plate. In this course, we will explain to you the components that are part of the GNSS, and we will walk you through the steps pilots must follow to safely complete an RNAV GPS approach while transitioning from IMC to VMC.

With this course, we will help students visually learn all the concepts related to the execution of an RNAV approach directly from a C172 cockpit. We used a GPS unit commonly used among general aviation to make it simple for must pilots to understand. Additionally, this course will allow you to listen and practice the readbacks of different clearances given from approach control to the pilot and the radio call-outs that must be made while approaching an uncontrolled airport under IMC conditions.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the steps that must be followed while performing an RNAV (GPS) approach.
  • Interpret radio communications between pilot and approach control.
  • Learn how to set and fly an instrument approach using the GARMIN 530 GPS.