Human Factors

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Human Factors For over 30 years, the importance of good pilot judgment, or aeronautical decision-making (ADM), has been recognized as critical to the safe operation of aircraft, as well as accident avoidance. The airline industry, motivated by the need to reduce accidents caused by human factors, developed the first training program based on improving ADM. […]

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VOR Navigation

VOR Navigation Have you ever wondered how airplanes navigate when there are not any outside visual references to use? Well, one of the navigational aids they use is called a VOR. Developed in the United States beginning in 1937 and deployed by 1946, VOR is the standard air navigational system in the world, used by both commercial

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IFR Emergencies

IFR Emergencies As instrument-rated pilots, we can fully discover all the potential the aviation world can offer us. There is always a new procedure to learn, a new departure to do, a new approach plate to brief. But this also means pilots must learn how to handle the unexpected. When everything goes south, a professional

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PVT Regulations

PVT Regulations Federal Aviation Regulations affect every aspect of flight. Private pilots must become thoroughly familiar with all the regulations affecting flying operations. This course will cover the most significant Part 61 and 91 regulations that private pilots need to know to take advantage of the privilege of flying in the sky! Course Objectives Become familiar

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Attitude Instrument Flying

Attitude Instrument Flying Flying instruments is one of the most challenging and rewarding achievements you’ll attain in aviation. Developing a good instrument scan is the foundation required to meet all the challenges that instrument procedures have to offer. It is a fundamental skill that all pilots need to learn how to master. Yet, it is

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Commercial Pilot Path

Commercial pilot

Commercial Pilot Path Congrats, you made it. Welcome to your commercial certificate course. As you commence your training, you will realize how much you do not know yet. Commercial regulations, complex systems, and multi-engine aerodynamics are some of the subjects we will cover in this course. Before we begin this new chapter, let’s look back

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Instrument Rating Path


Instrument Rating Path One of the best parts of becoming an Instrument Pilot is the availability to fly inside the clouds. The feeling is beyond description, but a pilot can even attempt to do this only if he/she masters the understanding of flight instruments, departure procedures, arrivals, and instruments approaches. The instrument flying’s fundamental has

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Multi-Engine Aerodynamics

Multi-Engine Aerodynamics One of the most exciting parts of being a pilot is getting to fly a multi-engine aircraft. Having the possibility to fly faster and higher are some of the perks obtained from getting your multi-engine rating. However, multi-engine pilots must understand the aerodynamics related to this type of aircraft to operate them safely.

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